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 Stocklist: Thoune/Thun

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17708   19th Century THUN, THOUNE Majolica Vase  CHF 450.00 .
16340   19th Century THUN, THOUNE Majolica Plate with Daisies, Wanzenried  CHF 450.00 .
15526   A circa 1900 THOUNE, THUN Majolica Plate with floral decor  CHF 975.00 .
15503   A circa 1890 THOUNE, THUN Majolika Figurative Plate   CHF 450.00 .
15502   A circa 1890 THOUNE, THUN Majolika Figurative Plate   CHF 450.00 .
15368   A circa 1900 THOUNE, THUN Majolika Plate with Oil Painting (VEDUTE) depicting GENEVA at the lake  CHF 750.00 .
15149   Circa 1890 THUN, THOUNE Majolica brown Vase with flowers decor  CHF 380.00 .
14787   19th c. THUN, THOUNE Majolica white Jug with flowers decor  CHF 65.00 .
14776   19th c. THUN, THOUNE Majolica Creamer with Edelweiss, HEIDEN  CHF 45.00 .
14775   19th c. THUN, THOUNE Majolica small scalloped Bowl with Edelweiss  CHF 30.00 .
14772   THUN, THOUNE Majolica Pitcher with small blue Flowers  CHF 60.00 .
14463   1930 Langnau Covered Pot depicting a scene of a Dancing Couple with Aphorism written around  CHF 450.00 .
14304   THUN, THOUNE Majolica Plate with Oil Painting (VEDUTE)  CHF 1,200.00 .
14271   Mid 19th Century brown scalloped HEIMBERG Bowl
"The small Emperor on his Horse"
CHF 950.00 .
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